Oct 102011
Why Every Rockstar Needs To Learn Marketing

Let’s take a quick trip to the past and rewind a few decades. Back then people would go to school, get a job, stay loyal to their employees and slowly but surely progress to a more senior position. In return they would be awarded with a steady stream of income, a pension scheme and a promise of a job for life. Well, that was back then. Nowadays it’s all a bit different. You go to school, get a job, and do a lot of job-hopping either because you think it’s going to advance your career faster or because you are […]

Sep 222011
Return Of The Punk

The punk movement was a revolution at its time. Punk’s main ideology was to operate outside the establishment. Punk wasn’t only about music; it was a whole cultural movement. It included and inspired many art forms such as fashion, literature and visual arts. Punk’s DIY ideology made it contagious. People who lived at the time are endlessly telling stories of the amazing era, when everyone was creating what they wanted, and putting it out. They didn’t need anyone’s support or approval. They just went ahead and did it. Punk allowed everyone to express themselves, whether they were skilled or certified […]

Sep 012011
5 Tips For Festival Gigs

Playing festival gigs is great fun. You can be pretty sure to get a crowd that’s having a good time. Festivals are a great way to meet other bands. It’s also a chance to get your music out to people that haven’t heard of you before. However, playing festival gigs can be tricky. There is usually no luxury of sound checking. Often you’re not allowed to make any sound before the first chord of your own gig. The stage can be in a state and the gear battered. Tents and open space stages provide a completely different acoustics, since your […]

Jul 182011
8 Mistakes New Bands Make

I have had the privilege of sitting as a judge on the largest annual Band Competition in Finland. It has 200 bands attending every year, and I’ve been part of the judging panel since 2005. The competition is aimed at unsigned bands, and is open to anyone. The entrants are picked in the order of entry submissions, so the bands are not required to have previous gigging experience. Some of the bands are playing their first ever gigs, while others have been playing youth clubs for years. Needless to say a bit of experience goes a long way. Year after […]

Jun 242011
How To Use Art To Take Your Music To A Whole New Level

Being a musician is so much more than just making music. One of the reasons why pop music is so powerful is that it offers a way to dabble with almost every kind of art out there: poetry, live performance, illustration, photography, video and fashion. The best news is that although creating all this art takes a huge amount of time and effort, you don’t need to do it all yourself. Many artists collaborate with other artists to create stunning visuals, innovative videos and head-turning fashion statements. Here are some famous examples: Marilyn Manson + Floria Sigismondi Marilyn Manson hooked […]

Jun 202011
DIY, Indie or An Entrepreneur - Which One Are You?

The DIY Musician, The Independent Artist, An Unsigned Band. These terms are all used side by side, and they all imply the same thing. An artist without a record deal. If you actually believe in what the premonitions for the future of music business, then you don’t really care about getting signed. You care more about building your band from the ground up and into a sustainable business that you run yourself. Instead of scouting for a deal you focus on connecting directly with your audience. You figure out how to make money with your music, instead of waiting to […]

Jun 142011
How To Eat An Elephant? - Managing Your Workload As An Independent Artist

So, you’re living the ultimate indepenedent artist lifestyle. You write and record constantly, releasing something cool every few weeks. You rehearse with the band and throw gigs regularly. You draw great album art and design your own t-shirts. You make wicked You Tube videos, and write great blog posts. You Tweet and Facebook, and keep up with some great blogs and inspirational artists. You take care of business, send your receipts to your accountant on time, track merchandise levels and order new stock in time. Oh yeah, and you take care of your physical health, live in a happy relationship […]

Jun 082011
The One Thing In Common With All Successful Artist

People who are successful have usually worked very hard for a very long time to make it happen. Michael Jackson’s first solo album was not “Off the Wall”. He had released four solo albums on Motown before that. No Doubt had been together for 10 years before “Don’t Speak” broke to mainstream. During those ten years the band had gone through the suicide of their first lead vocalist, Tony and Gwen’s split up and two unsuccessful album releases. Kid Rock was signed and dropped by three labels and funded the fourth album himself before finding success with “Devil Without a […]

Jun 032011
3 Things Kaiser Chiefs Got Right

The Kaiser Chiefs released their new album and applied some cool new innovation – only possible in the digital age! 1. Fans Get The VIP Treatment The album went on sale on the bands website at the same week than it was released to the press. So no “sneak previews” to impress the industry first. If you hear the song on the radio, you can go and download it immediately from the bands website, instead of waiting for another 2 months or opting for the dodgy file sharing services.  Using their own website also allows the band to offer and […]

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